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Who should apply?

  • Technology product based cybersecurity companies
  • Founders looking to accelerate market validation, equity financing, technology development and company formation
  • Companies looking for introductions to customers, financial, infrastructure, energy, federal government, defense and intelligence markets
  • Founders looking to develop long term relationships with similar cybersecurity founders and industry leaders who are focused on creating the next great cybersecurity companies.
  • Developing companies that will benefit from operating in close proximity to federal government, financial services, infrastructure and energy industries.

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How does MACH37™ work?

MACH37™ is an accelerator dedicated to cybersecurity startup companies. The program is a 90-day residency program based at the Center for Innovative Technology in Herndon, Virginia. To participate in the program, you must apply during the open application period and be selected by the Partners.

The MACH37™ Partners conduct a highly productive development program
customized to your company objectives and designed to significantly accelerate market validation of your technology and company model.

In addition to support for standard company formation challenges, significant emphasis is placed on the development of relationships that will dramatically shorten your time to
market. Companies accepted into the program receive an initial $50,000 investment. 

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What can I expect during the 90-day program?

While conducting your application review and interview process, the Partners will develop an initial profile of development opportunities and relationships for your company. At orientation, your lead Partner will propose an initial road map for you during the program. During the program, the Partners will act as your mentors and will initiate a custom-selected set of interactions with hundreds of advisors who have joined the MACH37™ “Stars Network” to interact with you and to accelerate the development and adoption of new cyber technologies. These interactions are designed to help you learn the best possible path for your company’s success. Throughout these interactions, the Partners will work with you to validate, discover and reposition your initial plan based on your continually expanding level of knowledge. By the close of the program, you will be prepared to deliver a great Demo Day presentation to the MACH37™ investment community.

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What can I expect after the 90-day program?

Once you complete the program, you become a member of the MACH37™ community. In this role you will have access to the MACH37™ resources and Partners to support your development. As a member of the community you may be called on to help support the next generation of MACH37™ entrepreneurs.

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How is MACH37™ different from other incubators and accelerators?

MACH37™ is the first market-based cybersecurity accelerator. Instead of focusing on general business skills like business plan development, presentation skills and options for incorporation, the MACH37™ accelerator focuses on customer interaction, validation and capital formation. While competency in general business functions is necessary for company success, we believe these functions can be readily accomplished. The process of securing alpha, beta and general release clients that are willing to pay for your products is a product company's top challenge and the focus of MACH37™.

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How do I apply?

Initial application can be made via the application form, which can be found here. At that point, MACH37™ will review and contact you to talk about your company and idea, as well as parameters of the program. Companies that are a good match for the MACH37™ program will be asked to fill out a more complete application for the final selection process.

Please note that we are focused on product-based concepts or companies with potentially protectable intellectual property, and so will not be accepting companies based solely on service offerings. We are looking for great teams and great product ideas for cybersecurity, so be sure to focus your application in those areas!

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What happens next?

Once you submit your application it will enter an ongoing review and acceptance process for the first cohort session. We may request an online or in-person meeting as part of the review process. Any questions on the application process can be addressed to; please put "Application Questions" in the subject line.

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