Great vision without great people is irrelevant.
— Jim Collins, author of Good to Great

MACH37™ is led by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, business leaders, and venture capital investors with a diverse set of skills and backgrounds:



Jason is VentureScope’s Founder and CEO and MACH37’s CEO and Executive Director. He is a business strategist, entrepreneur, and early stage venture investor with more than 19 years of experience leading business planning and consulting engagements for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and multi-national organizations in both the private and public sector.

Jason is a former Techstar’s Entrepreneur-In-Residence and was the Director of their Startup Next Cybersecurity DC pre-accelerator program that was designed to provide cyber startups with expertise and mentorship. In addition to founding VentureScope, Jason also co-founded HackEd, a cybersecurity hands-on-keyboard cybersecurity training company, and WeatherAlpha, a weather data analytics company.

Jason holds a MA from Harvard University, and a BA from the University of Virginia. He is also certified in InnoCentive’s Problem Deconstruction and Challenge-Driven Innovation methodologies.



Jennifer is VentureScope’s COO and MACH37’s COO and Strategy Director. She is a professional innovation strategist and entrepreneur who specializes in bringing innovation methodology and facilitation to startups through large enterprise environments across the public and private sectors. She leverages more than 19 years of international business experience to help organizations transform by building nuanced strategies, applying cognitive and behavioral approaches to innovation, guiding innovation initiatives from need to implementation, creating experiential curriculum that enables creativity, and connecting entrepreneurs with large corporate and enterprise environments.

Jennifer’s innovation work is founded in her background as a Lean Startup facilitator, Creative Problem Solving (CPS) facilitator, certified instructional systems designer (CISD), and cognitive researcher. She creates holistic change by combining core knowledge with a wealth of technical experience that includes systems integration and application development, real-time advanced analytics, signals and cyber security, as well as data science and enterprise knowledge management.

Jennifer holds a BA in Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Virginia and a MS in Creativity and Change Leadership from the International Center for Studies in Creativity (ICSC).



Bud is VentureScope’s in-house cyber expert. He has served as the Non-Resident Fellow for Cybersecurity at Sasakawa USA since January 2016, bringing with him a combination of investigative, legal, and cybersecurity expertise. He is also the President of ISSA-NOVA.

Bud has served as a SME and advisor on cybersecurity matters ranging from security audits to security strategies for businesses. He was the head of curriculum development at a cybersecurity startup, HackEd that was acquired in 2018. In addition to teaching, Bud has experience developing training content for students aspiring to be pentesters and SOC analysts.

As a DOD contractor, Bud was awarded the Defense of Freedom Medal and Superior Civilian Service Award by the Secretary of the Army for his performance in Iraq from 2004-05. Prior to his DOD service, Bud was an attorney in the Securities & Exchange Commission, investigating Internet-based securities fraud.

Bud holds a JD degree in Law from the Widener University School of Law, a MA in International Development from Nagoya University, and a BA in English Literature. He speaks and writes Japanese.

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Amy J. Wilson is a former White House Presidential Innovation Fellow (PIF) who founded the Better Government Movement (BGM)--a community of 5,000 throughout government aiming to build a 21st-century delivery-driven government. The Movement creates an inclusive space where public servants can grow their creative capacity and learn new tools to jumpstart innovation to solve government-wide problems and affect positive change within their organizations. In 2018 she launched the Better Government Bootcamp where 40 public servants from 34 agencies learned eight modern methods over 15 weeks and applied their skills to help solve three government-wide problems.

Amy co-authored more than 15 reports totaling 600 pages of research on public sector innovation and co-created the Innovation Playbook and Toolkit on Beta with more than 200 people across government. The Playbook and Toolkit established a shared language, principles, tools, and resources to scale the Better Government Movement across the government. In 2016 she founded the first government-wide technology accelerator called the Digital Acquisition Accelerator to make the government better buyers of digital products and managed the White House Open Data Innovation Summit, a celebration of the open data and government movement during the Obama Administration.

On the cusp of Booz Allen Hamilton's 100th Anniversary, she pioneered the company’s Innovation Blueprint, Playbook and Ecosystem, which defined innovation in the context of consulting, made innovation accessible to all, and created virtual and in-person places to incubate ideas. After Hurricane Katrina she led a recovery project to build 50 homes in four months as a Team Leader in AmeriCorps*NCCC, partnering with entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations to solve the problem of landfill overflow and lack of housing opportunities. She's also a Starting Bloc Social Entrepreneurship Fellow.

She specializes in building and sustaining cultures of transformation with a social good mission and embraces the art of storytelling. She has challenged the status quo at many agencies and organizations, both setting and implementing the vision.



Andrew Gassen has joined MACH37 as a Lean Startup and Agile Software instructor. He specializes in product management and customer success, most recently as a Director of Customer Success where he pairs with C-suite executives at Fortune 500 enterprises to guide them through their digital transformation. He combines his deep expertise in software development, lean facilitation, and outcomes-driven processes to help companies stay relevant and deliver value to their customers.

Andrew’s customer success work is driven by his background in product management, where he led an Edtech startup to acquisition and built products for large banks, telecom corporations, and the US Federal government. Andrew is also the Technology Director for #BlackFemaleFounders, a DC-based social enterprise built to empower women-of-color as they grow and scale their tech-powered businesses. He uses his facilitation and workshop experience to instruct at the #BFF Labs pre-accelerator program on the Lean Startup methodology and foundations of technology.

Andrew holds a BSBA in Management from Missouri Southern State University and an MS in Interactive Entertainment from the University of Central Florida.


Diego Salinas, Assistant Director

Diego is a cyber security specialist, business development associate, and start-up consultant aiming to bring various innovation methodologies to cyber startups across the public and private sectors. He currently serves as the Assistant Director at MACH37, where he bridges connections between entrepreneurs and the mentors within MACH37’s Stars Network, implements his cyber security insights for recruiting candidates for future cohorts, and aids with the daily operations of MACH37. Salinas’ daily mission is to conduct intensive tech scouting for over-the-horizon cyber and cyber adjacent technologies, cutting-edge startups and dynamic teams who demonstrate cyber acumen and leadership to join the MACH37 accelerator. He also serves as a business development associate at VentureScope, where he advises early stage startups and entrepreneurs.


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