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MACH37 Cohort Companies

Fall 2017 Cohort Companies

  • CyberAcademyCyber-Academy
    Craig Stevenson, CEO
    Cyber Academy is a platform for delivering hands on cybersecurity training in a web browser.  Instantly deliver customized Cybersecurity training to your workforce. 

  • CynjaTechCynjatech
    Heather Dahl, CEO 
    CynjaTech is a data security firm utilizing next-generation microcloud infrastructure to power the new CynjaTrust platform. With this revolutionary technology, any digital entity gains a competitive advantage by meeting a growing consumer and regulatory demand for data control and ownership, privacy, and security in a cost-effective, simple package.

  • Hideez Group, Inc.HideezHorizontal
    Oleg Naumenko, CEO 
    Hideez Group Inc. strives to provide the world with hard-ware and software solutions that ensure personal digital identity. The company was established in 2015, by a team of seasoned hardware specialists with more than 10 years of experience in creating successful solutions. Our flagship product, the Hideez Key - is a solution for wireless authentication, password management, credentials for RFID doors and additional capabilities for cryptocurrencies wallets and digital signature.

  • RunSafe Security, Inc.RunSafe
    Joe Saunders, CEO

    RunSafe Security is the pioneer of a unique cyberhardening technology for vulnerable embedded systems and devices. Its technology renders threats inert by eliminating attack vectors, significantly reducing vulnerabilities and denying malware the uniformity required to propagate.

  • Status IdentityStatusIdentity
    Nakul Munjal, CEO 
    Status Identity was founded with the belief that security can only be effective if it is easy to use. Our mission is to provide the best user experience for authentication by seamlessly integrating smart authentication into enterprise access controls. We protect organizations against data breaches by ensuring only legitimate users and updated devices have access to sensitive applications. The Status Identity service helps authenticate users to websites, apps, clients and other networked systems that have the Status API integrated into their systems without storing any personally identifying information.

  • ThreatLockerthreatlockerhorizontal
    Danny Jenkins, CEO

    ThreatLocker gives businesses back control to stop viruses, malware and cybersecurity breaches. Unlike traditional anti-malware software, ThreatLocker only allows applications that are approved by an I.T. administrator to run on their computers. Administrators can easily set policies dictating what type of applications can be run, and even permit access in real time or on a temporary basis. Current cyber-security solutions work on the basis of blocking known threats. Whereas ThreatLocker Control only permits approved applications.

Spring 2017 Cohort Companies

  • BroadbridgeNetworks

    BroadBridge Networks, Inc.
    Kelvin Franklin

    BroadBridge Networks allows enterprises to secure all data-in-transit, without compromise, by providing an affordable network security solution with access control, policy enforcement, and high encryption, eliminating the traditional performance vs. cost limitations that make organizations choose between which data-in-transit to secure.

  • neoEYED, Inc.neoeyed_Horizontal
    Alessio Mauro

    neoEYED protects critical applications accessed on mobile devices through implicit authentication. Users behavioral patterns are profiled and used to verify access on an application by application basis, during the login process completely transparent to the user reducing fraud, unauthorized access to sensitive information while increasing productivity and improving remote mobile security.

  • Securehome_logo

    SecureHome, Inc.
    Khurram Chaudry

    SecureHome connects to the local home router and inventories all “internet of things” devices running on the home network. SecureHome customers receive threat awareness and protection through anomalous behavior monitoring, alerting, and remediation. SecureHome customers get peace of mind that all their devices are not behaving in a way that intrudes in their privacy, causes financial damage, or impacts their safety.

  • TrovoloneTrovolone, Inc.
    Téodor Chabin

    Trovolone’s provides seamless IT Cybersecurity to any small team or branch office. Combining over 30 cyber security solutions along with customizable corporate controls in one easy to manage platform Trovolone provides phone, storage, network, cybersecurity, UX, and an appstore with a friendly “one stop” one way to plug, any way to use solution.

  • ekran_logoEkran Systems
    Dennis Turpitka

    Ekran System helps companies of any size to build their strategies of mitigating user-based security risks through a universal user activity monitoring tool for corporate servers and desktops. Ekran’s unique approach is built around per-session video records delivering advanced search, analysis, and alerting capabilities. With unique flexible and scalable licensing and in-built access management and incident response tools, Ekran System meets security needs of both enterprises and SMBs.

  • AutomatedDL-LogoFull

    Automated DL, Inc.
    Art Convoy

    AutomatedDL is the next generation in artificial intelligence. ADL takes unstructured data and applies cognitive learning algorithms delivering over 400M training scenarios in less than a second from a laptop PC. The results allow companies to fine tune security defenses and reduce false positive never before imagined. Coming from the intelligence world ADL’s chip solution makes short work of vast server farms of data. “Deeper Insights, Reducing Uncertainty and Risk”

Fall 2016 Cohort Companies

  • Adlumin-Logo-transparent

    Robert S. Johnston, CEO
    Timothy Evans, VP Strategy & Business Development

    Adlumin, Inc provides an industry leading solution to detect attacks, in real-time, that would otherwise go undetected. After attackers have defeated your initial defenses, Adlumin implements intelligent user behavior analytics and active defense mechanisms to detect and deter the most sophisticated adversaries.

    We unmask the intruder so they can't move laterally and undetected in your network. We let you kick them out before they destroy what you have spent years building.

    Sentry is a Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud delivered proprietary platform that can be deployed in minutes. Visit our website at or send us an email at for a live demo.

  • final.INFRA_copy

    Intelligence Framework Inc
    Andrea Bodei, CEO

    *INFRA* Vulnerability Scanner identifies all vulnerabilities in the systems in your network that can be exploited to steal information or damage your company. INFRA verifies the potential vulnerabilities providing evidences. A comprehensive report with remediation and solutions to the issues and problems discovered is released to guides the security team to mitigate the risks. Infra can eventually quarantine the vulnerable machines lowering the risk to the company from unauthorized access and hacking.

  • NS8 Inc.NS8
    Adam Rogas, Co-Founder

    Paul Korol, Co-Founder
    NS8: Internet infrastructure is continually under attack and in many cases operators don't even know it until its too late. We make products that can detect attacks and prevent them. We ensure your services remain reliable and secure. Our solutions are powered by a robust traffic management platform that gives us unique visibility and prevention capabilities over fraud and traffic based attacks.

  • cropped

    Steel Mountain Systems Corp.
    Will Butler, CEO
    Thomas Maarseveen, CTO

    Having more devices in the home means more risk for your personal data and for most people, preventing viruses and other threats from compromising their data is complicated- especially as they add more devices into the home. We started Steel Mountain to make it easy for anyone to prevent viruses and other threats before they even enter your home. We do this by putting threat detection and prevention right at the gateway of your network with a device which simply plugs into your existing home router.

  • ThreatSwitch-logoThreatSwitch
    John Dillard, Founder

    ThreatSwitch is a software platform that helps companies with security clearances get and stay compliant with security regulations defend against insider threats. ThreatSwitch is like TurboTax for industrial security -- building amazing ease of use, leading security, and access to experts into an application that every security manager and executive can use.



Spring 2016 Cohort Companies

  • Gyomo

    Quincy Acklen and Ben Gatti

    Phishing is the most effective enterprise attack vector -- though security professionals believe "you can't patch the human." We reject this reality and substitute Gyomo. Gyomo will create a hostile environment for social engineering using crowd sourcing and machine learning.

  • HTSI

    Hill Top Security
    Steve Baker, Tom Gilmore and Neil Wright

    Hill Top Security provides a security incident response platform that automates and orchestrates incident response, delivering faster and smarter incident resolution. We optimize the efforts of security teams by eliminating false-positives, dynamically assigning severity ratings and providing secure collaboration with subject matter experts at critical stages of the incident response process. Hill Top’s service-oriented platform provides a flexible structure for integrating with existing applications and data to unify communications and minimize the operational impact of security incidents.

  • NormShieldNormShield
    Mohamoud Jibrell and Candan Bolukbas

    NormShield provides comprehensive Security-as-a-Service solutions focused on cyber threat intelligence, vulnerability management and continuous perimeter monitoring. We harvest cyber threat data from multiple sources and provide actionable intelligence to our customers so they can take preventive measures. NormShield is 80/20 blend of automation and human intelligence that continuously monitors your assets, detects threats and helps you resolve issues before they are exploited

  • PCPursuit

    Robert Walker

    PCPursuit adds the dimension of physical presence to improve multi-factor authentication. Best of all, we accomplish this by leveraging security assets that enterprises already own: no mobile phones or Bluetooth beacons are required. Our technology adds even more value because it also works with SEIMs, adding a physical dimension to network security analysis.

  • UnblinkrLogo

    Mancy Sanghavi
    Unblinkr is securing cars of the future by developing anti-hack software for V2X communications. Connected vehicle technology offers many benefits but makes cars vulnerable to hacking, making cybersecurity a top concern in the transportation industry.


  • PROVENANCEProvenance
    Jon Praed and David White

    Current cyber threat intelligence is insufficient because it lacks the attributional information needed to empower legal and reputational responses to threat networks. Provenance improves threat intelligence by identifying the root cause behind cyber threats – the human actors responsible for harm. Provenance software collects, enhances and deploys intelligence to identify those behind threats and cut them off from the infrastructure they need to operate. Provenance is a strategic solution that uses more than technology.


Fall 2015 Cohort Companies

  • atriceps

    Kevin A. McGrail, Co-Founder
    Chris K. Surprise, Co-Founder

    Atriceps, Inc., is a software as a service company providing enterprise threat and data classification APIs for e-mail, blogs, comments, texts, servers, archives and data loss prevention.

  • cyber2020

    Cyber 20/20
    Dr. John Cavazos, Founder

    Cyber 20/20, Inc. has developed a highly-accurate malware detection system using machine learning and a novel characterization of applications. Our solution monitors network traffic for suspicious applications and automatically submits them to a machine learning platform, where they are analyzed and predicted to be malicious or not. Our proprietary machine learning engine automatically constructs profiles of software and continually becomes more accurate over time.


  • Cyber AlgorithmsCyber Algorithms
    Tim Brennan, Founder

    Cyber Algorithms delivers data-driven breach detection to identify intrusions that slip past other defenses. Breach detection algorithms that are regularly refined using data science expertise and deep domain knowledge locate traces of hacker behaviors within enterprise networks. The accompanying analytics provide deep network visibility for more reliable alert verification and a quicker response. Cloud-based delivery and a subscription business model make the solution simple to set up and use.

  • 418intelligence

    418 Intelligence Corp.
    Mark Jaster, Founder

    418 Intelligence is changing the game, literally, in cybersecurity threat intelligence, by making a game of collecting, sharing, modeling and forecasting threat risks and countermeasures as they occur, in-the-wild, in real-time, for recognition and monetary reward. The volume and complexity of these factors overwhelm cyber defenders today and the supplies of skilled analysts. Our product solves these problems by incentivizing and crowdsourcing intelligence inputs and forecasts from communities of professional cyber threat analysts and hackers directly to the desktops of analysts and decision makers – in their context, continuously and on-demand, via the game platform and its outputs. Defenders will never again have to feel outmanned, feel surprised, or feel unprepared. The company’s technology was developed and proven under the US Intelligence Community’s advanced R&D program, and we are the exclusive commercial licensee and developer of this platform for cybersecurity and healthcare fields of use.

  • HuntressHuntress Labs
    Kyle Hanslovan, Co-Founder
    Marc Canale, Co-Founder
    John Ferrell, Co-Founder
    Chris Bisnett, Co-Founder

    Huntress Labs’ security software finds malware missed by traditional antivirus services. Just like routine health screenings, our product—Huntress—continuously checks for anomalies. When found, it delivers prioritized recommendations to correct the situation before it becomes terminal. Our security as a service model lets you focus more on business and less on cyber threats.


  • locurity-logo

    Shrikant P, Founder
    Locurity is a cloud based "Authentication as a Service" that protects online user accounts, transactions, cloud services and web based enterprise assets by thwarting unauthorized access attempts. Locurity’s proprietary approach has no impact on user experience and is completely invisible to the end user achieving balance between security and usability. Locurity can be deployed in minutes and is founded by a team with many years of experience protecting confidential and proprietary enterprise data.


  • tensor-wrench

    Jason Wagner, Co-Founder
    Nate Guernsey, Co-Founder

    Founded by the minds behind the DoD’s open-source Ozone Platform, TensorWrench’s business intelligence platform allows applications to integrate at the user interface layer to produce context aware mashups across multiple, decentralized data repositories. This reduces development cost and risk while improving the user experience, data security, and agility over traditional “widgets & dashboards” models.

Spring 2015 Cohort Companies

  • anatrope

    Tiffany Rad, Co-Founder and CEO
    Teague Newman, Co-Founder and CTO

    Anatrope has developed remote sensors for vehicle location-based services for business intelligence and advertising, fee collection, location statistics for autonomous vehicles, and facility perimeter security.Our sensors remotely detect always-on features in vehicles to provide easily integrated automotive solutions using a signal that is unique for each vehicle.

  • Atomicorp

    Michael Shinn, Co-Founder
    Scott Shinn, Co-Founder

    Atomicorp’s software defined security technology protects servers and IoT devices from a wide range of security threats through system immunization, intelligent self-learning, application firewalling, attack surface reduction and self-healing, all in a solution that requires minimal configuration and is easy to install.


  • JeKuDo Privacy CompanyJeKuDo
    Elissa Shevinsky, Founder and CEO

    JeKuDo Privacy Company is building the best easy-to-use privacy tools, starting with group messaging. Our app is encrypted, ephemeral and designed for security - ideal for private chats with your closest friends and colleagues.

  • eunomic_brand5

    John Nelson, Co-Founder
    Jim Harris, Co-Founder

    Eunomic's Isolation Engine secures the Internet of Things by focusing on the functions and requirements for each device, and allowing only the network traffic that is essential for the system's correct operation. We also provide absolute visibility to the devices on the network, and quiet network activity to significantly reduce false positive rates of security applications. In simple terms, we ensure that only the right user on the right device can access the right network resources.

  • shevirah-logo-newShevirah
    Georgia Weidman, Founder and CTO

    Mobile shattered not only the way we conduct business, but also the assumptions underpinning current cyber security. The cyber industry fails to recognize this shift. Hackers have not. Already the vector used in over 40% of attacks, hackers shifted phishing to mobile following the shift of users off desktops. The recent iOS “Trident” vulnerabilities show that not even advanced persistent threats are absent from mobile. Shevirah simulates attacks so organizations discover mobile weaknesses before hackers do. Shevirah’s software expands models of penetration testing, continuous monitoring, and user awareness testing to corporate anywhere, anytime, mobility.



Fall 2014 Cohort Companies

  • aspire_web

    Eric Whittleton, Cofounder and CEO
    Arash Nejadian, Cofounder and CTO

    iAspire’s security management platform allows organizations to align information security to the specific needs of the business by utilize traditional encryption technologies to secure its valuable company information and retain real-time availability to this protected data in support of critical business applications such as eDiscovery, forensics and analytics. The iAspire platform allows large enterprises, with significant investment in traditional encryption technologies, to move to a flexible security architecture that allows them to implement end-to-end encryption for email, secure dropbox and other mission-critical applications without having to worry about adding a layer of complexity to compliance, analytics and data access processes.

  • Virgil_web

    Virgil Security
    Michael W. Wellman Cofounder and CEO
    Dmitry Dain, Cofounder and CTO

    Developers can now quickly and easily add password-free authentication and strong encryption to their products in just a few hours instead of weeks or months… without being security experts themselves. Virgil Security, Inc., provides easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use cryptographic software libraries and a cloud-based public key management service for developers and end-users. Virgil Security enables a new generation of enhanced privacy and security for desktop, mobile, and web applications, cloud services, and the Internet of Things.

  • threatcare-logo-color-blackThreatcare
    Marcus Carey, Founder and CTO

    In 2016, worldwide spending on cybersecurity tools reached $73.7 Billion and is expected to reach $101.6 Billion by 2020. Despite this spending, the number of data breaches is increasing. Threatcare is a cloud-based SaaS platform that gives organizations the ability to perform intrusion simulations to verify the effectiveness of their security tools.

  • Blue-Syncurity

    JP Bourget, Cofounder and CEO

    Syncurity is a software company that saves security teams time. Syncurity’s IR-FLOW brings structure, visibility and workflow to your security team’s incident response activities. We streamline event triage, manage and measure investigations and incidents, and make collaboration easy. We are about to launch an integration and automation framework to speed up the enrichment of incoming events - so analysts can discard the false positives and escalate the concerning events even faster - focusing analysts on containment and remediation sooner - reducing risk.

  • securedb_webSecureDB
    Karthik Bhat, Founder and CEO

    Nikhil Sonatakke, CoFounder and CTO
    User data is what attackers want. Yet 96% of breaches involve data that is not encrypted. Encrypting data properly is expensive, time consuming, and complicated. Startups and Small and Medium Businesses(SMBs) don’t have the time or resources to do so.… with SecureDB they do. SecureDB lets developers and SMBs secure their user’s data with a simple API, so they can get back to building the applications their users want. Our User Management REST APIs let developers implement Registration Screens, Login Screens, Password Management Screens, and Two Factor Authentication in minutes. Most importantly, SecureDB APIs encrypt the resulting User Profile data in transit and at rest.

  • BiJoTiBiJoTi
    Josh Marpet, Cofounder and CEO
    Billy Boatright, Cofounder and CMO
    Tim Krabec, Cofounder and CTO
    Ben Huey, Cofounder and CRO

    BiJoTi offers Security Performance Monitoring. BiJoTi provides next generation security event correlation, vulnerability detection and case management. This makes compliance and cybersecurity an informed, continuous process. BiJoTi's Security Performance Monitoring automates making healthy and effective cybersecurity decisions. Making intelligent cybersecurity and risk mitigation business as usual.



  • cyphCyph
    Ryan Lester, Cofounder and CEO
    Josh Boehm, Cofounder and COO 

    Cyph is a secure communication tool designed to be extremely friendly for users of any technical skill level, providing such features as video calling and file transfers to both individuals and businesses. The patent-pending end-to-end encryption technology underpinning Cyph — built by former SpaceX engineers — has been rigorously vetted with great success against a threat model that focuses on nation-state-level attacks. Start cyphing now at

Spring 2014 Cohort Companies

  • AxonAiAxonAI Inc. - Mark Slonecker, CEO, Harrisonburg, VA - At AxonAI, we overcome the limitations of current approaches to analysis, decision-making, and operations by deploying swarms of simple software processes on massively parallel computing architectures that continuously assess new information, collectively contribute to the required analytic products, and learn from human input and real-world observations.

  • CardKillLogoCardKill Inc. - G. Mark Hardy, CEO, Largo, FL CardKill™ software preemptively terminates stolen credit and debit cards before they are used in fraud. It finds what other tools miss. We dramatically lower fraud loss for our bank customers so they can pass along trust, savings, and peace of mind to their customers.

  • Disrupt6-LogoDisrupt6 Inc. - Joe Klein, CEO, Leesburg, VA Disrupt6 has developed a new class of network intelligence that uncovers evolving threats that have existed invisibly since 2001. Our proprietary technology reveals attack strategies unique to the IPv6 Internet, identifies Internet hosts used for exfiltration of data, and provides precise geolocation of network attackers.

  • fast-orientationFast Orientation, Inc. - Dr. Sam Small, CEO, Menlo Park, CA - Fast Orientation allows organizations to easily reason about and respond to enterprise events in real time, empowering them to make responsive and timely decisions without hiring a team of experts or outside consultants. By enabling companies to ask questions simply and find answers quickly, our products help promote operational health, continuous awareness, and enterprise security in a powerful and innovative way for companies of all sizes.

  • identiaIDentia Inc. - Dr. Nick Duan, CEO, Herndon, VA - IDentia Inc. is a technology company that specializes in identity and access management (IAM) for the enterprise cloud. Our flagship product, IDentia, enables organizations to streamline and automate IAM lifecycle processes in the cloud with scalability, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced privacy protection. Integrating the latest industry open standards, IDentia is designed to maximize the security strength in enterprise systems in a cross-organizational environment.

  • MSB-Cyber-LogoMSB Inc. - CEO Alfred Seifert, Alexandria, VA - MSB Cybersecurity's Security i-Cue product is an innovative risk-based security management solution that automatically measures, analyzes, and quantifies risk mitigation efforts and provides your organization with a comprehensive on-demand view of your security posture. Security i-Cue is easily added to an existing infrastructure to leverage an organization's tool and function data-set to yield a repeatable, rigorous, and continuous mapping of security controls. The Knowledge-base that is created by Security i-Cue's analysis enables trade off / what if analyses to calculate return on investment and map the value of the security program to business goals and success.

Fall 2013 Cohort Companies

  • Conatix_plainConatix, CEO David Lehrer, Herndon, VA - Conatix is building an end-to-end system for business, client or investment research, incorporating proprietary technical innovations in machine learning and data mining, streamlining all the steps of research and knowledge production in an easy-to-use team-based workflow and interface shielded by enterprise-grade privacy and security.
  • Key Cybersecurity, CEO Shawn R. Key, Dumfries, VA - Key Cybersecurity, Inc. is the developer of CyberMerlin, an enterprise and consumer solution that proactively identifies known and unknown problematic files and associated “bad actor” activity on networks and via associated devices (smart phones, tablets, external hard drives). CyberMerlin identifies illicit file activity (IFA) and associated bad actor activity (images and video) via proprietary perceptive and industry standard algorithms and a proprietary database consisting of millions of unique identifiers (hash values). CyberMerlin’s technology is a game changer in that it not only can identify modified files but it can also identify patterns and heuristics of malicious activity.

  • PM-logo-0-0-0-90-tagline-ClearPierceMatrix, CEO Roy Stephan, Dunn Loring, VA - Midsized companies do not have the manpower to deal with ever-increasing alerts and warnings. PierceMatrix provides users with prioritized task lists on how to get rid of threats on their network. Pierce generates these task lists by combining a global database of malicious actors with local event log monitoring to automatically identify who is on your networks, what they are doing, and how to get rid of them. Pierce currently offers a SAAS product hosted in the Amazon (AWS) Marketplace.

  • Sikernes-Logo-version-Sikernes, CEO Roderick Flores, Bozeman, MT - In order to effectively defend enterprise networks, security personnel must continually analyze and respond to new hacker techniques and software vulnerabilities as they are discovered. Currently, only the most sophisticated enterprises (F-50, large government) can employ the legions of analysts required to assess and take action on the massive volumes of threat and vulnerability data that may be relevant to them. Sikernes’ cloud-based solution is automating this analytical process, eliminating prohibitive labor costs and making advanced threat and vulnerability intelligence analysis affordable for everyone.

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