Developers can now quickly and easily add password-free authentication and strong encryption to their products in just a few hours instead of weeks or months… without being security experts themselves. Virgil Security, Inc., provides easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use cryptographic software libraries and a cloud-based public key management service for developers and end-users. Virgil Security enables a new generation of enhanced privacy and security for desktop, mobile, and web applications, cloud services, and the Internet of Things.


In 2016, worldwide spending on cybersecurity tools reached $73.7 Billion and is expected to reach $101.6 Billion by 2020. Despite this spending, the number of data breaches is increasing. Threatcare is a cloud-based SaaS platform that gives organizations the ability to perform intrusion simulations to verify the effectiveness of their security tools.


Syncurity is a software company that saves security teams time. Syncurity’s IR-FLOW brings structure, visibility and workflow to your security team’s incident response activities. We streamline event triage, manage and measure investigations and incidents, and make collaboration easy. We are about to launch an integration and automation framework to speed up the enrichment of incoming events - so analysts can discard the false positives and escalate the concerning events even faster - focusing analysts on containment and remediation sooner - reducing risk.


Cyph is a secure communication tool designed to be extremely friendly for users of any technical skill level, providing such features as video calling and file transfers to both individuals and businesses. The patent-pending end-to-end encryption technology underpinning Cyph — built by former SpaceX engineers — has been rigorously vetted with great success against a threat model that focuses on nation-state-level attacks. Start cyphing now at


BiJoTi offers Security Performance Monitoring. BiJoTi provides next generation security event correlation, vulnerability detection and case management. This makes compliance and cybersecurity an informed, continuous process. BiJoTi's Security Performance Monitoring automates making healthy and effective cybersecurity decisions. Making intelligent cybersecurity and risk mitigation business as usual.


User data is what attackers want. Yet 96% of breaches involve data that is not encrypted. Encrypting data properly is expensive, time consuming, and complicated. Startups and Small and Medium Businesses(SMBs) don’t have the time or resources to do so.… with SecureDB they do. SecureDB lets developers and SMBs secure their user’s data with a simple API, so they can get back to building the applications their users want. Our User Management REST APIs let developers implement Registration Screens, Login Screens, Password Management Screens, and Two Factor Authentication in minutes. Most importantly, SecureDB APIs encrypt the resulting User Profile data in transit and at rest.


iAspire’s security management platform allows organizations to align information security to the specific needs of the business by utilize traditional encryption technologies to secure its valuable company information and retain real-time availability to this protected data in support of critical business applications such as eDiscovery, forensics and analytics. The iAspire platform allows large enterprises, with significant investment in traditional encryption technologies, to move to a flexible security architecture that allows them to implement end-to-end encryption for email, secure dropbox and other mission-critical applications without having to worry about adding a layer of complexity to compliance, analytics and data access processes.