Mobile shattered not only the way we conduct business, but also the assumptions underpinning current cyber security. The cyber industry fails to recognize this shift. Hackers have not. Already the vector used in over 40% of attacks, hackers shifted phishing to mobile following the shift of users off desktops. The recent iOS “Trident” vulnerabilities show that not even advanced persistent threats are absent from mobile. Shevirah simulates attacks so organizations discover mobile weaknesses before hackers do. Shevirah’s software expands models of penetration testing, continuous monitoring, and user awareness testing to corporate anywhere, anytime, mobility.


Atomicorp’s software defined security technology protects servers and IoT devices from a wide range of security threats through system immunization, intelligent self-learning, application firewalling, attack surface reduction and self-healing, all in a solution that requires minimal configuration and is easy to install.


Your devices are increasingly on the same networks as other people you don't know - and have no business connection to. UnomicEdge’s next generation network access control provides visibility, control and monitoring for multi-tenant and cross-domain edge networks. UnomicEdge was acquired by Caveonix in October 2017.


JeKuDo Privacy Company is building the best easy-to-use privacy tools, starting with group messaging. Our app is encrypted, ephemeral and designed for security - ideal for private chats with your closest friends and colleagues.


Anatrope has developed remote sensors for vehicle location-based services for business intelligence and advertising, fee collection, location statistics for autonomous vehicles, and facility perimeter security.Our sensors remotely detect always-on features in vehicles to provide easily integrated automotive solutions using a signal that is unique for each vehicle.