NormShield provides comprehensive Security-as-a-Service solutions focused on cyber threat intelligence, vulnerability management and continuous perimeter monitoring. We harvest cyber threat data from multiple sources and provide actionable intelligence to our customers so they can take preventive measures. NormShield is 80/20 blend of automation and human intelligence that continuously monitors your assets, detects threats and helps you resolve issues before they are exploited


Hill Top Security provides a security incident response platform that automates and orchestrates incident response, delivering faster and smarter incident resolution. We optimize the efforts of security teams by eliminating false-positives, dynamically assigning severity ratings and providing secure collaboration with subject matter experts at critical stages of the incident response process. Hill Top’s service-oriented platform provides a flexible structure for integrating with existing applications and data to unify communications and minimize the operational impact of security incidents.


Phishing is the most effective enterprise attack vector -- though security professionals believe "you can't patch the human." We reject this reality and substitute Gyomo. Gyomo will create a hostile environment for social engineering using crowd sourcing and machine learning.


Unblinkr is securing cars of the future by developing anti-hack software for V2X communications. Connected vehicle technology offers many benefits but makes cars vulnerable to hacking, making cybersecurity a top concern in the transportation industry.


PCPursuit adds the dimension of physical presence to improve multi-factor authentication. Best of all, we accomplish this by leveraging security assets that enterprises already own: no mobile phones or Bluetooth beacons are required. Our technology adds even more value because it also works with SEIMs, adding a physical dimension to network security analysis.


Current cyber threat intelligence is insufficient because it lacks the attributional information needed to empower legal and reputational responses to threat networks. Provenance improves threat intelligence by identifying the root cause behind cyber threats – the human actors responsible for harm. Provenance software collects, enhances and deploys intelligence to identify those behind threats and cut them off from the infrastructure they need to operate. Provenance is a strategic solution that uses more than technology.