Huntress Labs’ security software finds malware missed by traditional antivirus services. Just like routine health screenings, our product—Huntress—continuously checks for anomalies. When found, it delivers prioritized recommendations to correct the situation before it becomes terminal. Our security as a service model lets you focus more on business and less on cyber threats.


Locurity is a cloud based "Authentication as a Service" that protects online user accounts, transactions, cloud services and web based enterprise assets by thwarting unauthorized access attempts. Locurity’s proprietary approach has no impact on user experience and is completely invisible to the end user achieving balance between security and usability. Locurity can be deployed in minutes and is founded by a team with many years of experience protecting confidential and proprietary enterprise data.


Founded by the minds behind the DoD’s open-source Ozone Platform, TensorWrench’s business intelligence platform allows applications to integrate at the user interface layer to produce context aware mashups across multiple, decentralized data repositories. This reduces development cost and risk while improving the user experience, data security, and agility over traditional “widgets & dashboards” models.


418 Intelligence is changing the game, literally, in cybersecurity threat intelligence, by making a game of collecting, sharing, modeling and forecasting threat risks and countermeasures as they occur, in-the-wild, in real-time, for recognition and monetary reward. The volume and complexity of these factors overwhelm cyber defenders today and the supplies of skilled analysts. Our product solves these problems by incentivizing and crowdsourcing intelligence inputs and forecasts from communities of professional cyber threat analysts and hackers directly to the desktops of analysts and decision makers – in their context, continuously and on-demand, via the game platform and its outputs. Defenders will never again have to feel outmanned, feel surprised, or feel unprepared. The company’s technology was developed and proven under the US Intelligence Community’s advanced R&D program, and we are the exclusive commercial licensee and developer of this platform for cybersecurity and healthcare fields of use.


Cyber 20/20, Inc. has developed a highly-accurate malware detection system using machine learning and a novel characterization of applications. Our solution monitors network traffic for suspicious applications and automatically submits them to a machine learning platform, where they are analyzed and predicted to be malicious or not. Our proprietary machine learning engine automatically constructs profiles of software and continually becomes more accurate over time.


Atriceps, Inc., is a software as a service company providing enterprise threat and data classification APIs for e-mail, blogs, comments, texts, servers, archives and data loss prevention.


Cyber Algorithms delivers data-driven breach detection to identify intrusions that slip past other defenses. Breach detection algorithms that are regularly refined using data science expertise and deep domain knowledge locate traces of hacker behaviors within enterprise networks. The accompanying analytics provide deep network visibility for more reliable alert verification and a quicker response. Cloud-based delivery and a subscription business model make the solution simple to set up and use.