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ANOVA Intelligence finds the nation-state malware others miss. We arm enterprise and industrial targets with US intelligence agency-grade deep forensic analysis and the critical intel required to defend IT & OT systems.


Stratus Digital Systems addresses cyber risk in an innovative way. This dramatically differentiated approach significantly reduces the presence and availability of attack surfaces by utilizing Temporary Autonomous Servers (TAS) on-demand, at scale and at random IP addresses, replacing static servers that are connected 24/7. Employing Stratus' TAS solution mitigates the inherent risk associated with ceaseless and interminable static servers.


Privacy Research produces portable SCIF technology for wireless devices used in and around sensitive environments. Their superior solutions allow you to reliably isolate the devices, so that attackers can't use them to infiltrate your sensitive spaces.


Plutus Privacy Security offers a solution to combat identity fraud. The use of Plutus' patented user authentication process coupled with existing cell phone location technology, which can successfully authenticate one's information and prevent fraud. This can be used at any point of sales terminals, ATMs, online shopping, loan applications, just to name a few.


Sicuro Innovations LLC is a cybersecurity software product company with embedded solutions that autonomously manage security for Internet of Things (IoT). Sicuro's proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) program, Hades, and its embedded security software platform, Osmium, concurrently combine edge-level optics and threat mitigation with cloud-based threat analysis to produce actionable global intelligence and threat deterrence for IoT devices.