FortMesa operates at the intersection of behavioral economics and security economics. FortMesa's security triage methodology guides organizations in developing and maintaining a comprehensive security strategy which manages most cyber losses and reduces overall cyber costs. FortMesa uses a variety of nudges and boosts to stimulate security action and reduce resistance factors. FortMesa maximizes security task compliance by delivering the right task at the right time to key individuals throughout the organization. FortMesa's team-based workflows effectively defend from cyber losses without without specialized cyber labor, and where security teams exist FortMesa acts as a force-multiplier by coordinating support across the organization.


At Aryia, we are leveraging blockchain to disrupt the invasive smart speaker industry by building the first blockchain-powered smart speaker with focus on privacy while creating an entire ecosystem around it.

We answer today’s data privacy concerns by giving users control over their data while also rewarding them for any involvement in the Aryia ecosystem. Rewards can later be spent within the decentralized voice-skills marketplace.

Aryia aims to provide a powerful voice enabled A.I. solution for both individuals and corporations, either in the shape of a proprietary smart speaker or, in future, as a third-party device.

Our goal is to disrupt the smart-speaker marketplace and challenge today's security and data collection practices by letting individuals take control of their own private information.

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Malwork founded in 2018, takes cybersecurity staffing to the next level by providing a platform that assesses organizational security problems at the C-suite and tactical levels; and matches that information with vetted and highly qualified security personnel to provide a comprehensive and tailored cybersecurity marketplace. Working with Malwork, clients will be able to reduce the burden of employee overhead and receive a customized, cost-effective and complete cybersecurity solution. Malwork is the premiere and premium choice for private companies and government agencies to find short and long-term contract workforce hires in cybersecurity.


Definitive Data Security was created in 2014 to manage application data and email despite growing Cybersecurity threats. In 2015 we released SSProtect and KODiAC Cloud Services, delivering patented innovations that require attackers to compromise endpoints and SaaS cloud resources to access managed content. With fine-grained 2FA and native application workflow integration, we delivered the first protection and management solution to impose almost no impact on application selection and use while retaining full infrastructure flexibility.

In 2016, we expanded our service foundation with policy-based Collaboration, automated Backup/ Restore, Disaster Recovery services, Sabotage Remediation, and finally our Objective Disclosure Risk Reporting services. Each was designed to maximize Incident Response, Recovery, and Forensic operation efficiency while together as a whole aligned to maintain business and operational continuity in the most challenges circumstances.

Today, we are working with VARs, MSPs, and ISVs to address the unique needs of finance, health care, government, entertainment, and other industries with our scalable, secure data management platform that’s easy to deploy, administer, and use.


Quirk founded in 2017 and has become a preferred partner for SAP to build chatbots for Utilities and Banking industries. Quirk Conversation Platform is the most cost-effective means of enhancing the customer experience. Quirk helps companies to raise application stickiness and ROI by providing business intelligence to connect to enterprise applications.

We are building a full plug-and-play Enterprise-grade Conversation Platform. While other conversation services have entered the market, the vast majority of them are nothing more than a framework to process conversations. Custom application and middleware development is still required to utilize these services. The Quirk Conversation Platform (QCP) seeks to remove these additional hassles and development time, by providing point-and-click integration with any exposed Web Service API, and an ever increasing array of user-facing chat applications. Each bot can process data from any number of APIs in the same conversation, meaning QCP can truly create a one-stop, user-friendly, conversational interface for either customer-facing or internal business solutions.


Simuna Infosec Pvt Ltd, a global information security company incorporated in Bangalore. Simuna Infosec was founded in April 2018. Our team have the expertise and experience in information security domain and have been working with leading corporations in key roles before forming Simuna. We are focused on bringing cyber security testing into the light and help organizations be secure.