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BroadBridge Networks allows enterprises to secure all data-in-transit, without compromise, by providing an affordable network security solution with access control, policy enforcement, and high encryption, eliminating the traditional performance vs. cost limitations that make organizations choose between which data-in-transit to secure.

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Trovolone’s provides seamless IT Cybersecurity to any small team or branch office. Combining over 30 cyber security solutions along with customizable corporate controls in one easy to manage platform Trovolone provides phone, storage, network, cybersecurity, UX, and an appstore with a friendly “one stop” one way to plug, any way to use solution.

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neoEYED protects critical applications accessed on mobile devices through implicit authentication. Users behavioral patterns are profiled and used to verify access on an application by application basis, during the login process completely transparent to the user reducing fraud, unauthorized access to sensitive information while increasing productivity and improving remote mobile security.


SecureHome connects to the local home router and inventories all “internet of things” devices running on the home network. SecureHome customers receive threat awareness and protection through anomalous behavior monitoring, alerting, and remediation. SecureHome customers get peace of mind that all their devices are not behaving in a way that intrudes their privacy, causes financial damage, or impacts their safety.

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AutomatedDL is the next generation in artificial intelligence. ADL takes unstructured data and applies cognitive learning algorithms delivering over 400M training scenarios in less than a second from a laptop PC. The results allow companies to fine tune security defenses and reduce false positive never before imagined. Coming from the intelligence world ADL’s chip solution makes short work of vast server farms of data. “Deeper Insights, Reducing Uncertainty and Risk”

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Ekran System helps companies of any size to build their strategies of mitigating user-based security risks through a universal user activity monitoring tool for corporate servers and desktops. Ekran’s unique approach is built around per-session video records delivering advanced search, analysis, and alerting capabilities. With unique flexible and scalable licensing and in-built access management and incident response tools, Ekran System meets security needs of both enterprises and SMBs.