In order to effectively defend enterprise networks, security personnel must continually analyze and respond to new hacker techniques and software vulnerabilities as they are discovered. Currently, only the most sophisticated enterprises (F-50, large government) can employ the legions of analysts required to assess and take action on the massive volumes of threat and vulnerability data that may be relevant to them. Sikernes’ cloud-based solution is automating this analytical process, eliminating prohibitive labor costs and making advanced threat and vulnerability intelligence analysis affordable for everyone.


Conatix is building an end-to-end system for business, client or investment research, incorporating proprietary technical innovations in machine learning and data mining, streamlining all the steps of research and knowledge production in an easy-to-use team-based workflow and interface shielded by enterprise-grade privacy and security.


Midsized companies do not have the manpower to deal with ever-increasing alerts and warnings. PierceMatrix provides users with prioritized task lists on how to get rid of threats on their network. Pierce generates these task lists by combining a global database of malicious actors with local event log monitoring to automatically identify who is on your networks, what they are doing, and how to get rid of them. Pierce currently offers a SAAS product hosted in the Amazon (AWS) Marketplace.


Key Cybersecurity, Inc. is the developer of CyberMerlin, an enterprise and consumer solution that proactively identifies known and unknown problematic files and associated “bad actor” activity on networks and via associated devices (smart phones, tablets, external hard drives). CyberMerlin identifies illicit file activity (IFA) and associated bad actor activity (images and video) via proprietary perceptive and industry standard algorithms and a proprietary database consisting of millions of unique identifiers (hash values). CyberMerlin’s technology is a game changer in that it not only can identify modified files but it can also identify patterns and heuristics of malicious activity.