NS8: Internet infrastructure is continually under attack and in many cases operators don't even know it until its too late. We make products that can detect attacks and prevent them. We ensure your services remain reliable and secure. Our solutions are powered by a robust traffic management platform that gives us unique visibility and prevention capabilities over fraud and traffic based attacks.


Adlumin, Inc provides an industry leading solution to detect attacks, in real-time, that would otherwise go undetected. After attackers have defeated your initial defenses, Adlumin implements intelligent user behavior analytics and active defense mechanisms to detect and deter the most sophisticated adversaries.

We unmask the intruder so they can't move laterally and undetected in your network. We let you kick them out before they destroy what you have spent years building.

Sentry is a Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud delivered proprietary platform that can be deployed in minutes. Visit our website at http://www.adlumin.com or send us an email at info@adlumin.com for a live demo.


ThreatSwitch is a software platform that helps companies with security clearances get and stay compliant with security regulations defend against insider threats. ThreatSwitch is like TurboTax for industrial security -- building amazing ease of use, leading security, and access to experts into an application that every security manager and executive can use.


Having more devices in the home means more risk for your personal data and for most people, preventing viruses and other threats from compromising their data is complicated- especially as they add more devices into the home. We started Steel Mountain to make it easy for anyone to prevent viruses and other threats before they even enter your home. We do this by putting threat detection and prevention right at the gateway of your network with a device which simply plugs into your existing home router.


*INFRA* Vulnerability Scanner identifies all vulnerabilities in the systems in your network that can be exploited to steal information or damage your company. INFRA verifies the potential vulnerabilities providing evidences. A comprehensive report with remediation and solutions to the issues and problems discovered is released to guides the security team to mitigate the risks. Infra can eventually quarantine the vulnerable machines lowering the risk to the company from unauthorized access and hacking.